Systems Administration

At Area I.T. as Systems Administrators we utilise the newest proven Information Technologies to make your business more competitive and less stressful for you and your customers.


We feel our experience in multiple Information Technologies is of great benefit in Systems Administration. There is a merger of technologies and these "Convergent Technologies" will be the driving factor in tomorrow's market place.

We provide "fee for service" or "maintenance contracts" for Systems Administration.

It is important to realize that computers and computer networks need constant monitoring and work on them to maintain an efficient and secure network environment. Time needs to be taken to understand that if the computers and network are not working at their optimum there would will losses made in your time, data, security and money. For these reasons we believe that careful considerations should be made to the benefits of an Professional Systems Administrator.

It is common good business practice to commission outside professionals to do the vital work required by the business until your company can employ/support a full time professional in that role. In light of this I see two questions you need to ask yourself. Do you need someone to maintain a safe, secure, efficient and cost affective network and Systems? Is my company best served by having you maintaining the network and Systems and not producing results in your chosen field of expertise?

In the same way you would not think twice about commissioning the services of an Accountant as this saves you time and money, so you may consider a Systems Administrator as we have access to the specialised information and services that will save you time and money.