Draytek - Smart Monitor

posted 19 Apr 2012, 06:14 by Mark Albrecht - Area IT

For Linux version, please download from Support Utility


System Requirements:
  • Intel P4 1.4GHz and above /AMD CPU
  • 20 GB free hard disk at least
  • 1GB RAM and above
  • Support : Windows XP, Linux
  • Network service analyze
    IM monitor
    Mail monitor
    HTTP surfing record
    FTP monitor
    Telnet monitor
    P2P monitor
  • User Management
    Admin privilege settings
    Group user(like vigor object setup)
    Set individual monitor contents for user/group
  • System Management
    Monitor the PC general status
    Make global settings
  • User Analysis
    User based record review
    Traffic usage of each user
  • Top10 ranking system
    Ranking the users
    Ranking the services