Draytek IPPBX model firmware upgrade 3.5.7 full release

posted 18 Apr 2012, 00:09 by Mark Albrecht - Area IT   [ updated 22 Apr 2012, 00:31 ]
New Features

 Support New Auto Attendant mechanism.  20 Multi levelled menus
 Support Call queueing mechanism (for hunt group). 
 Support custom trunk (i.e. define an extension as a trunk). Can connect any gateway to expland system to cater for different lines & number of lines
 Trunk simultaneous call number limitation.
 Support Vigor Phone 300 auto provision.


 Improved: Expand SIP trunk number from 6 to 12.
 Improved: Expand hunt group number from 10 to 20.
 Improved: Support hunt group "Random" hunting mode.
 Improved: Support hunt group voice mail box.
 Improved: Expand DigitMap rule number from 20 to 50.
 Improved: Add ANY_ISDN option for Digit Map.
 Improved: Support new user prompt maintenance mechanism.
 Improved: Support user to play multiple prompt in Music on Hold function.
 Improved: Support Holidays' answer mode.
 Improved: Support personal voice mail greeting store in USB disk.
 Improved: Allow the user to use BLF to monitor night service number *7/*8.
 Improved: Add a telnet command to enable/disable night service function.
 Improved: Record which extension turn on/off night service in CDR.
 Improved: Support SIP alias answer mode to forward to voice mail remote access number.
 Improved: Add protection mechanism for DSP channel usage.
 Improved: Hunt group voice mail function behavior.
 Improved: Add forward AA menu option in extension answer mode "Pick up by AA".
 Improved: Add RTP range check to prevent wrong settings.