Draytek Router based URL Filtering solution

posted 19 Apr 2012, 06:05 by Mark Albrecht - Area IT   [ updated 27 Apr 2012, 22:52 ]
Commtouch's GlobalView URL Filtering solution leverages its unique "in the cloud" infrastructure to provide unprecedented breadth of web coverage. The solution localizes responses specifically to the needs of end-customers, avoiding the "one size fits all" approach of traditional solutions. With nearly two decades in the email security industry, Commtouch provides matchless insight into threats, blocking harmful sites at the zero hour, often long before users are exposed to them.
  • Security 
    Enable real-time protection from emerging Web threats including malware, phishing and Zombies/bots
  • HR compliance/regulation
    Prevent browsing to questionable content like pornography and hate sites
  • Productivity
    Block or monitors sites to maximize employee productivity
  • Bandwidth regulation
    Identify sites that consume an organization’s bandwidth (e.g. movies, music)
  • Parental control
    Restrict access to inappropriate Web sites
URL filtering objectives
Figure 1. CSM Application

Vigor series with Commtouch Detection & Classification
Figure 2. Vigor series with Commtouch Detection & Classification