Hosting and Domain Store Front

Area I.T. has developed a server which uses the some of best of the Open Sources Communities efforts in one package –

No need for phone system hardware,  leverage the existing server hardware to be a replacement phone system.. Or can be setup on a supplied machine if there is no server on site.

  1. Use existing server backup infrastructure


Are you getting concerned with Big Data (Microsoft, Google, Apple to name a few) having access to your data.. Well maybe this is worth looking at..

Or maybe just concerned about the requirement for a good high speed internet connection required for your staff to work without slowdowns – time is money and if your staff if wasting time waiting for pages to load to work in your main software packages maybe this is worth look at..

Major features –

  1. benefit for more cheaper running costs

Area I.T. has released this software to our existing client’s – if you are new to Area I.T. and are interested please contact us and we can discuss..